Patient Stories

Shirley Michaels' Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic


"Life Can Only Get Better for You"

Hearing loss can make social get-togethers an isolating experience. As Shirley recalls, “Everyone around was conversing, but I couldn’t contribute because I couldn’t hear all of the conversation. I wasn’t positive what the subject really was.”

Not wanting another experience like this in the future, Shirley turned to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for help. Prior to her appointment, she says, “I was concerned about the process and the after-purchase care.”

However, the team assured Shirley that she would be in good hands. She says everyone was “very friendly and concise regarding the process we would be going through to determine my level of hearing loss.” She adds that they made her “feel very comfortable” from the start.

Shirley is thrilled with her new hearing aids and the care she received as she adjusted to them. She explains, “The initial fit of my hearing aids was not perfect and Hanan worked with me to rectify the issue and make my life so much more enjoyable.”

Now, Shirley says, “I realize that there are birds chirping in the morning. I hear what people are saying without having to read their lips all the time. A real lifesaver during masking during COVID.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, she encourages others to make an appointment, saying, “Go for it! Life can only get better for you and the people around you who struggle with your hearing loss.”

- Shirley Michaels
Gordon Miller's Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic


"Warm, kind, and they have my trust."

Gordon was aware of his hearing challenges but had refrained from seeking treatment.

He recalls, “I knew I was having trouble in conversation, and that I should probably go for a hearing test, but I didn’t think it was that important. Plus, I knew hearing aids were expensive, which held me back from doing anything about it.”

Gordon eventually visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic and says, “I’m sure glad I did,” despite being “afraid they would tell me I needed hearing aids.”

His fear quickly diminished during his visit. “I felt like no matter what, they were here to help me and that I was in good hands,” he shares.

Now, Gordon is amazed by his devices. “I often compare it to turning a light on in a dark room,” he says. “The difference hearing aids make is truly remarkable.”

Gordan rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and says everyone is “warm, kind, and they have my trust.” He adds, “They are always there for me, every time.”

To prospective patients, Gordon says, “I would encourage them to go. To take care of their health and hearing.”

- Gordon Miller
Brett Kluss' Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic


"I was treated extremely well."

Brett was a seasoned hearing aid wearer when he visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic.

His hearing loss occurred “when I had damage to one of the bones in my middle ear. I was almost completely deaf in my right ear and hated the feeling I could not participate in normal conversations.”

The Nanaimo team made Brett feel “comfortable” and was “very friendly and professional.” He adds, “I was treated extremely well, and I actually looked forward to future visits for supplies or testing.” He especially likes “their desire to give me the best possible chance at having a normal listening experience.”

Brett has only positive feedback on his devices, saying, “I have been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years now and I cannot imagine going without them. The hearing aids have improved quite a bit over the years, and I enjoy the fact I can have good conversations in large groups without problems. It’s great not having to ask friends to repeat themselves.”

Rating the clinic an 8/10, he advises, “If you think you are having trouble with your hearing, don’t be afraid to contact Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. You will be treated by friendly and knowledgeable personnel from the minute you walk in the door.”

- Brett Kluss
John Townsend's Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic



John can’t pinpoint the moment he became concerned about his hearing and suspects “it’s been life-long.” He considers his hearing loss “a determiner in life, though.”

Prior to visiting Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, he had concerns about what the “quality of service” would be like, but he wasn’t left disappointed. He shares that “both the professional and support staff were great and welcoming.” He also cites the “convenience” of the clinic and adds he “had some good laughs” with the team.

John says his new hearing aids have “crucially” impacted his life in many ways – “socially, academically, career, family, church-life.”

He gives Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating.

- John Townesend
Murray McNab's Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic


"I have been impressed"

Murray learned he had a hearing loss while “working at the Municipality of North Cowichan when they introduced yearly hearing testing.”

Prior to visiting Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, Murray’s main concern was wondering “how I would pay for hearing aids, as I had heard that they were very expensive!”

From his first visit, Murray says, “I have been impressed with the owners and staff,” and adds that he has lots of “confidence and trust” in them and considers them “professional.”

Murray was prescribed hearings aids and says, “The hearing aids have been great! Mine work well in crowded rooms and beside noisy traffic. However,  I can hear most everything that my wife says and have lost my excuse ‘that I just didn’t hear her!’”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Murray says he would advise potential patients “not to delay a day longer!”

- Murray McNab
Charlie Thompson's Hearing Health Journey at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic


"Take a chance"

“Charlie’s hearing aids have helped him tremendously when interacting with others. ‘I can now converse with friends,’ he says.

Giving Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 7/10 rating, Charlie encourages others to address their hearing challenges, saying, ‘Take a chance.'”

- Charlie Thompson


"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NHC"

Sandy noticed her hearing loss when she struggled “to hear the birds with high calls.”

She was impressed with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, liking that it is a “husband-wife business.” She considers them “ethical,” admires them for “trying hard” to find hearing solutions and says they are “qualified.” Sandy adds she also enjoyed “kidding around with Rian.”

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, Sandy was prescribed hearing aids. Although her hearing has improved, she is still adjusting to life with them. Sandy says, “I have anxieties about the cost of losing them or getting them wet so they don’t function.”

Nevertheless, she says, “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NHC to someone from the Nanaimo area.” Sandy happily gives Nanaimo Hearing Clinic an 8/10 rating.

- Sandy McRuer


"Very Friendly and Welcoming"

Yvonne describes her hearing loss as “a progressive awareness.”

She says, “I have a friend who did wear them [hearing aids] and encouraged me to do something about it!” Inspired by her friend’s positivity, Yvonne reached out to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for help.

She considers their team “very friendly and welcoming” and feels at home whenever she returns and gets a “friendly greeting.”

Yvonne says her hearing aids “help you get back to feeling included.” Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, she says others should “give them a try.”

- Yvonne Valette


"Very Caring and Informative"

Caroline’s hearing loss concerns began “when I had to ask people to repeat themselves.” Prior to visiting Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, she “was concerned about the prices, as I am on limited income.”

Caroline says the team was “very caring and informative” and adds, “They gave me the option to help me with the cost of hearing aids.”

Caroline loves her new hearing aids and says, “They are great. I feel left out of a conversation if I don’t have them in.”

Additionally, she is pleased with her care, noting the team is “very caring and try to get the best for you and understand your needs, not what they want.”

Caroline rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10.

- Caroline Erickson


"I Don't Feel Left Out"

Rick’s hearing loss was making life complicated – for himself and those dearest to him.

He explains, “It was causing a lot of stress with my spouse, as I found everyday communication so difficult. I didn’t really think my hearing was a problem and had heard that aids did not always work anyways.”

Still, he doesn’t regret his visit with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. “It was a great experience, as I was treated professionally, with dignity and compassion,” Rick recalls.

He has since embraced his new hearing devices. “They have been a great help in my life, allowing me to socialize more and deal with everyday issues. I don’t feel left out, and they have resolved communication problems with my spouse and others. My friends and family are impressed with the difference they see in me,” Rick says.

Rick rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and especially likes “the fact that I feel I can always call you with any concerns and I never feel rushed at our appointments.”

He adds, “I would and have told people about my experience with your clinic.”

- Rick Cromer


"Always Make Me Feel Welcomed"

Brian visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic following some gentle persuasion from his wife.

He recalls, “My wife was the one who cared enough to say, ‘Why don’t you just have a hearing test?’ as I was constantly asking her to repeat herself, as she was muttering!!!”

Brian was impressed with the team’s attention to detail, saying, “Hanan’s easy to talk to approach was excellent. He asked about my lifestyle, hobbies, etc. He listened!”

Brian’s new hearing aids make his favourite pastime more enjoyable. “Singing four-part A ‘Capella, I had never been able to hear overtones that many of the guys I sang with had talked about,” he shares. “I heard them for the first time, and it was game changing for me … It has actually helped improve my performances, amazing.”

He rates the clinic a 10/10 and advises others, “Relax and just go and be checked. The water is warm; it is not a difficult process, so no need to be fearful. I have recommended several friends.”

- Brian Cullingworth


"They Were Very Nice to Me"

Brian’s hearing loss became noticeable in 2000 and gradually increased over time. Then, in 2018, he lost most of his remaining hearing following an assault.

Brian says the Nanaimo team was well-mannered and “showed a caring, heartfelt knowledge of hearing.”

However, Brian’s complex hearing challenges continue, despite trying bone anchored hearing aids. “The bone anchored type doesn’t work right. They go off and on,” he says.

Nevertheless, Brian rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and hopes others will visit. “Go to the Nanaimo hearing place,” he says. “They are very welcoming.”

- Brian Buckingham


"Very Pleasant"

When Stu found himself struggling to hear in social situations, he thought it was best to have his hearing checked by a professional. He decided to entrust his hearing care to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic.

Prior to his first appointment, Stu says he was worried about “potential expenses” but explains that he was “greatly assisted” by the clinic’s guidance “through the WCB process.” He recalls the team was “knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant.”

Stu’s comprehensive hearing assessment confirmed that he did have a hearing loss. He was prescribed hearing aids and is pleased with the results.

He shares his new devices are “more helpful for family and other group gatherings.” Stu is happy with the care he receives at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, noting the team has “always helped whenever I drop by.”

Rating them a 10/10, he encourages others to have their hearing checked at the clinic. He says, “They are very helpful and offer immediate assistance, service and supplies.”

- Stu


"Hands down, the best"

Colleen’s hearing concerns began when “I was in a social group setting and couldn’t make out what the other people were saying.”

She immediately focused on finding “the best hearing clinic that worked for me and that I felt comfortable with.” Fortunately, Nanaimo Hearing Clinic met her expectations.

“I was very impressed with the professionals that worked there and all of my questions they had to answer, as well as the process for checking my hearing,” says Colleen. “They listen to what you have to say and try and find the best solution to fit your needs.”

Her new hearing aids make group settings easier to navigate. “I can now go into those social situations knowing that I’ll be able to participate in the conversation,” she shares.

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Colleen hopes others will visit. “It’s absolutely the place to go for hearing aids,” she says. “I checked a few before making my decision and this one is hands down, the best. I have recommended it to anyone I know who’s looking at getting hearing aids.”

- Colleen Leslie


"It was an amazing experience"

Neil learned about his hearing loss through his employer.

“My company told me I had a natural hearing loss due to age and work over time and it was to be expected,” he explains.

Neil was impressed with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic’s “first rate service,” saying the team is “very customer orientated.” He notes, “The employees are always happy to see you and always do their best to give you good service.”

Neil is amazed by his new hearing aids. “I am able to hear sounds that I could not pick up before,” he says. “The first time I walked on loose rocks on a cold, crisp morning and hearing the frozen rocks crunch under my feet, it was like listening to surround sound in a theatre that I had lost and now was given back to me. It was an amazing experience.”

Neil rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 9/10.

- Neil Houlihan


"The Best Clinic in Town"

Patricia was already a patient at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. So, when she found herself considering an upgrade on her hearing aids, she didn’t hesitate to turn to them again for guidance.

She says, “I went to the clinic with an open mind.” Patricia notes that the team is “very confident, helpful and friendly,” and she feels that she “can get help with any issue very quickly.”

Her hearing assessment showed a change in her hearing ability, and new hearing aids were prescribed for Patricia. The new devices have proven to be a great success. She says, “I hear and understand speech much better since my last aids from Nanaimo Hearing.”

Patricia gives the clinic a 10/10 rating and hopes others will give them a try. “They do superb fittings. They are the best clinic in town,” she says. “If you don’t start here, you’ll end up here.”

- Patricia Goss


"I Can Hear My Grandkids So Much Better!"

It took some convincing before Brenda decided to get her hearing checked. “My partner told me often for two years and I had to turn up the TV,” she recalls.

However, now Brenda is happy that she finally took action and contacted Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. Upon arriving at the clinic, she says the team was “very friendly and professional and efficient.” She especially liked how everyone was “completely professional” and describes the front desk as “so friendly.”

Brenda’s comprehensive hearing assessment revealed that she did have a hearing loss. Hearing aids were prescribed according to Brenda’s unique hearing and lifestyle needs.

The new devices have reignited Brenda’s passion for the activities she enjoys most. “I wear my hearing aids every day and can hear well in most situations!” she shares. “I really appreciate my aids at concerts and plays, and I can hear my grandkids so much better!”

Brenda rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and reassures others who might be contemplating an appointment, saying, “There is nothing to fear and good things to come if you need aids!”

- Brenda Leggett


"Very Informative and Professional"

Larrie decided to visit Nanaimo Hearing Clinic “when I had trouble understanding the dialogue on English TV programs.”

He describes his initial appointment as “very informative and professional.”

Now, Larrie is pleased his new devices. “I hear my favourite TV programs better,” he says.

Larrie rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, saying he loves their “very professional service” and their “support of the community.” He advises others, “Contact them for an assessment.”

- Larrie Taylor


"Get Tested"

Wilma’s hearing loss became noticeable following fluid buildup in her ear.

She explains, “Several years ago, I had fluid buildup in my left ear. After taking Reactine for several weeks, most of the fluid was gone, but I noticed I couldn’t hear as well out of that ear. It slowly got worse, and I was having trouble hearing out of that ear, especially when someone was talking.”

Wilma decided to pursue further treatment and made an appointment with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. Prior to her visit, she says her biggest concern was “missing out to what people were saying to me.”

However, the team was reassuring and able to address her concerns. “I felt very relaxed and trusted what I was being told,” says Wilma.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, she was prescribed hearing aids, and an improvement in her hearing was noticed as soon as they were fitted.

She shares, “I immediately felt I could hear better, not just voices, but my surroundings too. I can hear better, especially if someone sits on my left side.”

Wilma rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10. When asked what words of wisdom she would share with others, she says, “I would tell them to come to your clinic and get tested. I would tell them what a relaxed atmosphere there is there.”

- Wilma Kat


"Calm any worries away"

James’ hearing loss is the result of sudden loud noise exposure following an incident in 1987.

He shares, “I fired an anti-tank weapon (I was in the Canadian military). My earplug fell out of my right ear. The boom and concussion from the rocket and ringing there afterward changed my hearing.”

James is impressed with the “knowledgeable, happy, dedicated” team at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, and he likes how they “listened to my story.” Although he didn’t have any worries prior to his visit, he says, “Even if I would have, Hanan and Shelagh can calm any worries away.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, he adds, “It’s a great place to get a test and earwax cleaning done.”

- James


"Go See Them"

When Bernice visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, her main concern was that she was hearing words “incorrectly in conversation” and this was affecting her communication with others as well as when watching TV.

At her initial appointment, Bernice says the team was “very professional and friendly.” Following an in-depth conversation about her hearing challenges, Bernice had several hearing tests. Her results were available within minutes, and she was prescribed hearing aids.

Now, life is much easier and more enjoyable for Bernice. “I hear people better and hearing the TV is clearer,” she says.

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Bernice especially appreciates that the team was “very pleasant” throughout her visit. She advises anyone who is experiencing a hearing challenge to make an appointment. “Go see them. They are very helpful but no pressure.”

Bernice adds that she was given “good advice” and stresses, “They are concerned for the client’s hearing needs.”

- Bernice Stearns


"Very caring, understanding and thoughtful"

Dave had been “bothered by tinnitus” for some time but recently found “it was getting harder to understand people in noisy environments.” This was concerning him, as “my hearing dropped off quicker,” and he wondered if something else was happening.

Dave says the Nanaimo Hearing Clinic team was “very caring, understanding and thoughtful.” He notes they “really listened to my concerns” and were “patient” with him. He also found the care “much more personal than the franchise stores.”

Dave’s new hearing aids make it “much easier to participate in conversations.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Dave says he’d highly recommend them to others, adding they “really try their hardest to solve your hearing issues.”

- Dave


"Take their advice"

Barbara has lived with a hearing loss for most of her adult life.

She recalls, “My first job was a pharmacist in 1957. I had been in the habit of picking up the phone with my right hand, but now I have to take notes, so I picked up the phone with my left hand and was horrified to find I couldn’t hear with my left ear. I soon learned how to put the phone to my right ear with my left hand, and life was normal for a few years.”

Eventually, Barbara did get hearing aids and says, “I could not have worked or lived without hearing aids.”

Several years ago, Barbara visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic after losing a hearing aid. She explains, “I was on vacation in BC from Ontario and after a lifetime, my hearing loss was quite severe. So bad that I had to buy new hearing aids.”

Barbara continues, “I was so glad I chose this clinic. They were so kind and loaned me a hearing aid while they sent for a new one. And I found I could hear better with these new ones!”

Giving a 10/10 rating, Barbara advises others, “Choose Nanaimo Hearing Clinic and get your hearing checked. Then take their advice.”

- Barbara Hale


"Friendly and very helpful"

In 1997, Donna “started to get ringing” in her ears and began wearing hearing aids. She recently chose Nanaimo Hearing Clinic to continue her care, saying, “I had already had two sets of hearing aids, so I knew I needed new ones.”

Donna continues, “Shelagh was very kind and professional. I like Nanaimo Hearing, as they also can clean out earwax, which build up is a problem for me with hearing aids.”

Delighted with her new devices, she says, “With my new ones, I am able to watch TV without headphones, and I can go to a yoga class now, as I can finally hear what the instructor is saying. Hearing aids make all the difference in how people perceive me.”

Donna rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, saying, “They are friendly and very helpful.”

- Donna Bennett


"You Just Feel Comfortable and Taken Care Of"

Eric first noticed his hearing challenge 13 years ago.

He says, “It became obvious that I was having to ask people to repeat themselves, especially if I was not facing them when spoken to.

“I had hearing tests when I was still working in years past. I knew that the mid-range and higher frequency loss on my right side was worse than my left side. After 13 years from my last hearing test, I wanted to know how much worse it had gotten.”

He says at his initial visit with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, “The hearing test and interview were well explained and not rushed to get me in and out as I had experienced at another hearing clinic.”

With his new hearing aids, Eric is able to “hear conversations and understand the first time someone speaks in almost all settings.” He adds, “I would be somewhat lost if I didn’t have them.”

Eric rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and particularly loves their positive team spirit. “Everyone seems happy to work there. It shows and you just feel comfortable and taken care of,” he says.

He advises others, “Don’t put it off.”

- Eric Korpan


"I Can Hear Again"

Nicola describes her hearing loss as “life changing” and turned to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for help “as I have heard great things about this hearing clinic.”

Upon arriving at her appointment, she was impressed with the “positive, kind, knowledgeable and helpful team.” And her new hearing aids are equally impressive.

Nicola says, “I can hear again,” and she is particularly amazed with “the wonderful team that made this happen.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Nicola says she would refer others to them.

- Nicola Ney


"Take their advice"

Anonymous turned to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic when they noticed difficulty following conversations – particularly dialogue on TV.

They describe the team as “professional, friendly and efficient.” Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, hearing aids were prescribed.

The outcome? Definitely a positive one! Anonymous says their new devices have “made TV watching a much better experience.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 9/10, Anonymous encourages others to make an appointment, saying, “Go to them and take their advice.”

- Anonymous


"They Give Me a Life"

R.’s hearing loss didn’t develop gradually over time. Instead, it took R. by surprise.

R. recalls, “Mine was sudden. In April 1981, I had a virus called labyrinthitis. In my case, the hearing was not restored in my right ear. The hearing in my left ear was good, but I could not hear the direction of a sound. Also, I had to place myself in a position where sounds would come to my left ear – not always easy.”

When R. decided to turn to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for help, one concern lingered prior to the upcoming appointment. “Hearing aids are expensive,” says R. “So, what if I cannot get used to wearing them?”

However, despite this concern, the team soon made R. feel at ease. Reflecting on the initial appointment, R. says, “I can remember gaining confidence in your ability to help me through the unhurried, thorough first session we had.”

The appointment resulted in R. being prescribed hearing aids. Now, R. is enjoying life once again, thanks to the new devices. “They give me life,” says R.

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, R. especially loves “the confidence I have that I am properly looked after as my hearing has deteriorated with age.”

When asked what advice R. would give to potential patients, R. says, “I would encourage the person to make an appointment and would tell him/her of my positive experiences.”

- R. Lorne Macfarlane


"You Won't be Disappointed"

Alan’s hearing wasn’t up to par, and friends and family were beginning to notice he was struggling.

He recalls, “While playing golf, I was told that I should get help, not only for myself but also for my wife’s sake.” Soon afterwards, Alan turned to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for help.

Alan didn’t have any worries prior to his appointment. In fact, he was certain that he only needed to “have wax removed.” He says the team was “kind and helpful, right from your front office.”

As it turns out, earwax was indeed the cause of Alan’s hearing challenges, and the issue was soon resolved. Alan is grateful for the help he received, noting that the clinic provides an “up-to-date professional service,” and he says that taking care of his ears is “a necessity to remain every social contact. Especially with my wife.”

Alan rates Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and hopes others will visit them for any hearing concerns. “You won’t be disappointed,” he says. “They provide up-to-date dependable service.”

- Alan Tomas


"Go For It"

David was already a hearing aid wearer when he visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. He says prior to seeking help, his hearing loss “was gradual” over the years.

Referring to his initial appointment, he says, “I was treated very well by caring and obviously competent staff.” In fact, the “warm, friendly staff” were a highlight of his visit.

David is satisfied with his new hearing aids and says they provide “great assistance in larger meetings.”

Rating Nanaimo Hearing Clinic a 10/10, he encourages others to “Go for it.”

- David Braithwaite