Renae Barr

Audiometric Technician
Renae Barr, Audiometric Technician at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic

Renae and her husband have resided in Nanaimo for 27 years. Their family now grown, the exciting chapter of becoming grandparents has begun.

Life at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic is also a joy for Renae, who has worked in the hearing care industry for nearly 18 years. She relishes following her true calling alongside a team she’s incredibly fond of.

Over the years, Renae has witnessed the evolution of hearing technology along with having the pleasure of meeting many wonderful clients. She remains enthusiastic about educating them and improving their lives.

Renae’s responsibilities include performing hearing aid clean and checks, making repairs, solving technical problems, general troubleshooting and occasionally filling in at the reception desk. She is also a certified industrial audiometric technician, meaning she can perform WorkSafe testing within the clinic as well as pre-employment testing and baseline tests. Regardless of the task Renae is engaged in, she always ensures clients receive a wonderful, easy and supportive hearing care experience.

Outside of work, Renae keeps active by spending time outdoors, walking, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding and enjoying her yard and garden. She also has two cats and an amazing Shih Tzu-poodle cross called Kaysi—who is almost 16 years old—whom she loves dearly.

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